7 responses to “PDO PHP Database Handler – Part 1 – An introduction to Object Orientated PHP”

  1. mistdrumman

    These tutorials are excellently written! When is the next one coming out?

  2. Ignacio Aular

    Hello, I’m a Java teacher from Venezuela.

  3. dorky

    great tuts!

  4. Joey

    Great post. But in my opinion you ended this tutorial in a premature state. I apologize if that word is a bit harsh (english isn’t my first language). What I want to say is when the steps were beginning to become exciting to me, that’s when you stopped writing. Anyway I believe part 2 is already out. I will read it now. Thanks for giving me an idea that I can make a class to handle the database connection.

  5. Mr Obama

    Good post, I would suggest writing the code in one blob so the beginner programmers can see all the code in one code snippet.

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