One response to “PDO PHP Database Handler Tutorial – Part 5 – The UPDATE Method”

  1. Jon

    Thank you for the extremely helpful tutorials! It’s so refreshing to see a tutorial where a “correct” method is built up, creating and using a class, rather than just the “show the most simple way to get it to work” method ALL other tutorials use (which never then go on to show you anything better).

    One note though, it looks like the DB_Handler class may still be vulnerable to SQL injection, as the “table” part of the database connection statement is not being parameterized, but is being passed-in directly?

    Also, it would be awesome to see a form tutorial that then uses this class to read-in the values of a database to fill in a drop-down menu, which then could be used to read/update/delete/ the database. I think I’m close to doing that myself, but it would be great to have an expert example to compare my work to, since I’m using your handler class.

    P.S. Are you still going to finish this series with the “delete” function?

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